New for 2021: Walther Arms PDP 5" Series

posted on April 13, 2021

Walther Arms now offers new additions to its PDP striker-fired pistol family with fullsize and compact versions offered with a 5” barrel. The Performance Duty Pistol line by Walther are polymer-frame, striker-fired semi-automatic handguns introduced and covered earlier this year, and they're packed with new features.

The PDP series are chambered in 9 mm and come with the slide pre-cut to accept red-dot optics, with a detachable cover over the mounting point. The slide of the PDP series also features ergonomics designed around the use of red dots sights with Super Terrain serrations cut into the slide, which also protrude outwards to offer better grip when an optic is mounted.

The line comes equipped with the new Walther Performance Duty Trigger, which has a shortened length-of-travel and improved break. Another key trait of the PDP line is the polymer frame, which includes an ergonomic grip geared for optic use and a Picatinny rail segment on the dust cover. The grip incorporates Red Dot Ergonomics, in which the grip angle is engineered to help shooters find the reticle faster with a more natural alignment. There are also stippling patterns across the grip that offer a firm grasp without being overly aggressive.

The PDP is the most modular handgun platform now offered by Walther, with two frame and three slide sizes available and interchangeable. The frames are offered in two different sizes, fullsize and compact, that both can accept a double-stack magazine. The new 5” barreled versions are now offered with the fullsize and compact frame options.

Both of the 5” versions of the PDP come with two magazines, with the fullsize accepting 18-round magazines and the compact version taking 15-round magazines. Both 5” frame size options are available with 10-round magazines as well for restrictions. Both the PDP 5” Compact and Fullsize have a suggested retail price of $649. For more information on the Walther PDP 5” line, visit



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