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The Armed Citizen® June 29, 2020

The Armed Citizen® June 29, 2020

Armed Citizen® Today

On the evening of Wednesday, June 17, an armed robber approached a citizen in the Opry Mills parking lot in Nashville, Tenn. The suspect drew a revolver and demanded that the citizen hand over his belongings.

The citizen, who was carrying a concealed firearm, pulled out his gun and shot the suspect in the knee. The robbery attempt thwarted, the suspect fled the scene and was found by officers a short time later in front of the Opryland Hotel.

The wounded suspect was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The armed citizen suffered no injuries in the incident. (Clarksville Now, Nashville, Tenn.)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives February 1963

An Atlas, Ill., mother of five, Mrs. Frank Rodhouse, returned home with her 4 daughters to face a shotgun-armed intruder. The man herded them to an upstairs room, where he bound Mrs. Rodhouse.

Slipping her bonds when the man left the room, she obtained a .38-cal. pistol and three cartridges from a dresser drawer. Moving quietly downstairs, she got instructions from her 15-year-old son, who had also been bound, on how to load and fire the pistol.

Returning to an upstairs room, she found the man preparing to attack her 13-year-old daughter. Mrs. Rodhouse pointed the gun at him and fired three times. As the would-be attacker turned toward her with raised shotgun, he fell at her feet, mortally wounded. (Pike County Democrat Times, Atlas, Ill.)

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