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The Armed Citizen® April 20, 2020

The Armed Citizen® April 20, 2020

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A 73-year-old Texas man and his 65-year-old fiancée were fast asleep inside their Fredericksburg home when they were awoken by a loud banging noise coming from outside their home. The man went to investigate, discovered a 19-year-old man on his back patio and confronted him.

After being discovered, the young man attacked the homeowner and began beating him with a blunt object. The attacker then put the 73-year-old man into a chokehold, which caused him to lose consciousness.

During the attack, the homeowner's fiancée begged the young man to stop his attack, but he wouldn't cease. She ran to the bedroom, where she retrieved a handgun, and returned to the scene of the assault. She warned the young attacker, but the man would not stop choking the homeowner, and she noticed that her fiancé was no longer moving.

At this point, the 65-year-old woman fired a single shot, striking the 19-year-old attacker in the head. After she stopped the assault, the homeowner regained consciousness, and the pair called 911.

The attacker was treated at the scene by Fredericksburg Fire and EMS and later taken to a hospital in San Antonio, where he was pronounced dead. The Gillespie County Sheriff's Office suspects drug use was involved, and the investigation is ongoing. (KVUE ABC, Fredericksburg, Tex. 04/12/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives January 1971

Mrs. Deloris Ehle of Ft. Wayne, Ind., was suspicious of two men who parked in her driveway. Consequently, she did not respond when they knocked first on her front door, then on her back door.

But when they took a ladder from her garage and removed one of her window screens, she grabbed a shotgun. Upon seeing the armed homeowner, the two men fled. (Ft. Wayne, Ind., The News Sentinel)

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