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The Armed Citizen® November 23, 2020

The Armed Citizen® November 23, 2020

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A homeowner in Baton Rouge, La., defended himself when a gang of armed robbers stormed his property on the evening of Nov. 20, 2020.

The incident started sometime before 7 p.m. when three robbers armed with handguns forced their way into a home near Eleanor Street. When the robbers made their way inside of the residence, they confronted the homeowner, who was also armed. The homeowner opened fire on the armed intruders, striking two of them in the process.

The three robbers fled the residence after the homeowner opened fire and drove to a local gas station. Police where called about the break in around 7 p.m. Authorities were then contacted about the robbers at the gas station. At the gas station, the authorities found all three at the scene, with one 19-year-old dead and another wounded. A third uninjured robber was also found there and booked. (theadvocate.com, Baton Rouge, La., 11/21/2020)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives June 1971

Daniel Booth, 61, manager of a motel in San Francisco, Calif., was working late in his locked office when a man approached, saying he had car trouble. When Booth came out to help, the man pulled a gun, forced Booth back inside, and pushed him to the floor. Booth grabbed a pistol and fired three times, wounding the holdup man. (The San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle, San Francisco, Calif.)

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