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The Armed Citizen® January 3, 2020

The Armed Citizen® January 3, 2020

pregnant woman in Florida used an AR-15-style rifle Oct. 30 to defend her family from two masked men in a reported violent home invasion that left her husband with numerous injuries. The intruders apparently barged into the home at 9 p.m. and pointed guns at her husband. They pistol-whipped and beat him while grabbing his daughter and demanding money. The wife, eight months pregnant, peered out of a back bedroom. The intruders reportedly fired at her, causing her to retreat into the room. There, she grabbed an AR-15-style rifle and returned fire. She struck one of the intruders, causing both to flee. The injured intruder made it 200 feet out of the house before he died in a ditch. The other suspect was still at large. (baynews9.com, St. Petersburg, Fla., 11/1/2019)

Armed Citizen Extra
A 73-year-old jitney driver with a concealed-carry permit was forced to act in self-defense one Wednesday afternoon in Duquesne. After picking up a pair of passengers, one of the riders pulled a gun, struck the driver in the head and demanded money. After the other passenger fled the vehicle, the robber and the driver exited the jitney, at which point the 73-year-old driver pulled his own firearm, and fatally shot the robber. (post-gazette.com, Pittsburgh, Pa., 4/3/2019)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
January 1959
For the third time in 14 months, W. M. Gibson captured burglars looting his employer's store at Acme, W. Va. Gibson shot one and held 2 others at gunpoint for the state troopers. He had previously trapped 2 burglarizing the store, and on another occasion grabbed 3 making off with goods of great value. (Charleston Daily Mail)

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