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First Look: Federal Premium Punch

First Look: Federal Premium Punch

All-new for 2020, Federal Premium offers Punch handgun ammunition specifically designed for effective use in today's concealed-carry guns. The new Punch line will be available in five load options: .380 ACP, .38 Spl., 9 mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.  

“Things to consider such as function, reliable ignition, barrier performance, terminal performance, ballistics and other considerations are a lot to digest for most people. What some consumers really need to know is it will function in their gun, every time, and that it will be effective stopping a threat as quickly as possible. Punch is our easy answer for them,” said Federal Premium’s Chris Laack.

Building off of a need for reliable, accurate and terminally effective ammunition, Federal pulls no stops with delivering its new Punch. Cases will come nickel-finished to enhance lubricity and ensure reliable feeding in modern concealed-carry handguns. Additionally, the use of specifically-formulated powders in conjunction with sealed cases and sensitive, yet safe primers will increase effectiveness when time matters most.

What makes the Punch lineup particularly unique is that it isn't a derivative of Federal Premium's law-enforcement lineup of ammunition. Traditionally, the company's collection of self-defense rounds, such as Hydra-Shok and HST, were offshoots of ammunition developed specifically for law-enforcement use. Because Federal Premium Punch was developed from the start as a consumer ammunition lineup, the bullets aren't overbuilt to meet the additional penetration needs required by police performance protocols. Instead, Federal Premium Punch is purpose-built for close-range encounters through heavy clothing, which typifies the kind of defensive scenarios in which most armed citizens will find themselves.

To learn more about Federal Premium and its expansive line of modern ammunition, visit federalpremium.com.

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