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SHOT Show 2020: Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Deep .380 ACP

The enhanced bullet design that makes the Federal Premium Hydra-Shok lineup such a popular self-defense round is now offered in a potent .380 ACP load. This is the first Hydra-Shok Deep load developed for the .380 ACP, offering is the first expanding .380 ACP load to consistently penetrate beyond the FBI-recommended 12-inch minimum.

Like all Hydra-Shok Deep loads, the bullet features a robust center post and core design to ensure it penetrates to critical depths through common self-defense barriers, without over-penetrating. Each round is loaded with Federal Premium's specially developed propellant, and the cases are primed with the company's incredibly reliable primers and sealed against moisture.

For more details on this new-for-2020 .380 ACP addition to the Federal Premium Hydra-Shok lineup, check out our American Rifleman First Look video above.

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