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SHOT Show 2020: Ruger Custom Shop Super GP100

Ruger opened the doors of its Custom Shop in 2019, providing specially tuned variants of its most-popular firearms for consumers willing to pay a premium for the extra treatment. One of the Custom Shop's offerings for 2020 is a competition-variant of Ruger's Super GP100 revolver lineup. What makes this gun unique, though, is its chambering: 9 mm.

Unlike other 9 mm revolvers on the market, the Ruger Super GP100 doesn't rely on any unique mechanisms or oddly shaped extractors to deal with the rimless 9 mm round. Instead, this revolver uses classic moon clips to retain the round inside the cylinder.

With the three moon clips included, loading the revolver is as simple as dropping a loaded clip inside the cylinder and closing the action. Unloading is just as fast, as the clip itself is pressed out by the extractor star, taking all the spent cases along with it. Ruger even includes a special tool with the gun that aids in removing spent cases from the clips.

For all the details on this Ruger Custom Shop Super GP100 revolver, watch American Rifleman's First Look video above.

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