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The Armed Citizen® May 10, 2019

The Armed Citizen® May 10, 2019

In Lake Stevens, Wash., the owner of a convenience store received a call from his mother about a man who was in the garage of the home working. The man and his adult son went to the home to investigate. Upon entering the garage, the pair discovered the intruder had created a barrier made of wood and placed knives and other weapons around the room for easy access. The man saw the home invader reach into his coat for a weapon. The armed citizen drew his own firearm. In response, the suspect attacked. Then both father and son pinned the man to the ground. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the intruder. (Kirk.com, Seattle, Wash., 3/ 10/19)

Armed Citizen Extra
A robber walked into a Mount Clemens gas station, but was taken away by the authorities one Wednesday during rush hour. After demanding money from the gas station clerk and two of the store's customers, the store clerk produced his handgun and shot the man. The would-be burglar was taken to a nearby hospital. (Macomb Daily, Clinton Township, Mich., 4/24/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
May 1963
Awakened by noises in his Tucson, Arix., cycle shop, owner D.E. Musselman, armed himself with a revolver and went to investigate. As Musselman crept towards the back of his shop he observed a man break a window and crawl inside Waiting until the intruder was inside the shop, the store owner ordered him to stand where he was. Musselman held the prowler at gun point until the police arrived. (The Arizona Daily Star)

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