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The Armed Citizen® October 11, 2019

The Armed Citizen® October 11, 2019

home intruder wearing only boxer shorts and tennis shoes was shot dead in Gallia County, Ohio, by a woman after he menaced her with kitchen shears. The 51-year-old man was under the influence of amphetamines when he entered the woman’s home and tripped the alarm system. The woman found him in a common area of the house. After a brief confrontation, she retrieved a firearm from a bedroom. The man brandished a pair of kitchen shears at the woman in an aggressive manner. The woman shot him twice. During an investigation into the incident, law enforcement verified that neither the man nor the woman previously knew each other. According to the local sheriff and prosecuting attorney, the armed citizen acted in self-defense and had no alternative but to use her firearm. No charges will be filed against her. (wtap.com, Parkersburg, W. Va., 7/3/19) 

Armed Citizen Extra
A Tennessee Uber driver defended himself and his passenger from a shooter one Wednesday night. After taking his passenger to a Nashville liquor store, he saw his passenger hold the door open for a man while entering the store, upon which the man purportedly gave his passenger an "odd look." After the Uber driver and his passenger left the store, the man followed them to a nearby street, where he was letting his passenger out. When the Uber stopped, the strange man opened fire on them from about 10 feet away. The Uber driver returned fire, striking the stranger, who fled on foot before catching a ride to a local hospital with wounds to his chest and arm. (Fox News8/1/19, Nashville, Tenn.)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
October 1968
Reaching for his handgun instead of his stethoscope, Dr. Wally White of Burlington, Vt., frightened off a carload of hoods who approached him as he made a night deposit at his bank. At the bankm several men got out of a car and headed for White, apparently bent on robbing him. When White reached into his jacket for his gun, one of the men shouted, "He's armed. Let's get out of here." The men cursed and fled. (Burlington, Vt., Free Press)

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