Product Preview: Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger

posted on January 14, 2019

Placement of the AR rifle’s charging handle might well be described as awkward, as it requires the user’s head come far off the gun when chambering a round or locking the bolt back. Such movements can slow reaction times and reduce situational awareness of the target. Side-charging AR uppers are one solution, but can be costly and require unique bolt carriers or other components. The Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger ($134) on the other hand, installs quickly to standard flat-top upper receivers, replacing the factory charging handle assembly and clamping in place on the Picatinny rail by way of a single machine screw. The unit is made primarily from anodized 7075-series aluminum and stainless steel, and weighs only 5 ozs. Charging handles are available in several styles made from solid aluminum or polycarbonate, or from the latter with a steel core. Rear-mounting models are also available to accommodate specific optic mounts. For more information, please visit


Chip Mccormick Obituary F
Chip Mccormick Obituary F

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