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Speer Bullets Introduces Personal Protection Rifle Bullets

Speer Bullets Introduces Personal Protection Rifle Bullets

Speer Gold Dot has long been associated with law enforcement, but now Speer is offering the civilian market the same trusted performance in a new line of personal protection rifle bullets. Speer's exclusive manufacturing process bonds a uniform jacket to the core one atom at a time, ensuring proper expansion and nearly 100 percent weight retention. The result is superb accuracy and immediate, threat-stopping performance. Shipments of these new reloading components are being delivered to dealers now.

The personal protection rifle bullets are available in a variety of popular calibers in 100-count packs.

Part No. / Description / MSRP
22455GDB / 224 cal. 55-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $23.95 
22462GDB / 224 cal. 62-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $23.95 
22475GDB / 224 cal. 75-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $23.95 
264120GDB / 264 cal. 120-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $29.95 
264140GDB / 264 cal. 140-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $36.95 
277115GDB / 277 cal. 115-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $29.95 
27790GDB / 277 cal. 90-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $33.95 
308150BLKGDB / 308 cal. 300 Blackout 150-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $33.95 
308150GDB / 308 cal. 150-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $33.95 
308168GDB / 308 cal. 168-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $36.95 
310123GDB / 310 cal. 123-gr. Gold Dot 100-count / $33.95

For more, visit Speer-ammo.com.

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