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The Armed Citizen® November 2, 2018

The Armed Citizen® November 2, 2018

Two armed robbers were no match for a pharmacist with a revolver in Maryland. The armed citizen was in an office and saw his employees raise their hands in the air; then he saw the gunman and his cohort. The manager, who keeps a handgun in his desk, grabbed his gun and confronted the would-be thieves. Even though one pointed a rifle at him, the armed citizen resolutely defended his crew. He fired once, shocking the intruders into fleeing. (delmarvanow.com, Salisbury, Md., 8/14/18)

Armed Citizen Extra
A Villa Rica Waffle House patron ended up doubling as armed security, when a man tried to rob the restaurant early one morning. After the man pulled a gun and announced his intention to hold the place up, the armed patron pulled his firearm and shot the suspect. Though the robber fled in a vehicle, it was later found, with what was thought to be the thief’s body inside. (The Times-Georgian, Carroll County, Ga., 9/14/2018)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
November 1961
A paratroop combat veteran on WWII, James Pandolfi was awakened by the sound of breaking glass as a thief hurled a piece of flagstone through the front door of his Buffalo, N.Y., appliance store. Pandolfini took a cal. .32 automatic from a nearby table, rushed to a bay window, and fired one shot at the thief who was fleeing with a stolen TV set, felling him mortally wounded. (Buffalo Evening News)

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