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The Armed Citizen® October 19, 2018

The Armed Citizen® October 19, 2018

One father’s greatest gift to his daughter before he died was that he taught her to shoot. The training and commitment to our firearms freedom paid off in Forest City, N.C., when the 15-year-old girl fatally shot her mom’s abusive boyfriend as he tried to choke the life out of her. It was actually a joint effort with her 12-year-old brother; the two children saw the man trying to strangle their mother and heard him threaten to cut her throat. At that, the boy retrieved a Colt single-action revolver. His sister grabbed the gun from him and fired twice, shooting her mother’s attacker in the chest. The teen will not be charged, according to the authorities.
(wbtv.com, Charlotte, N.C., 8/10/18)

The Armed Citizen Extra
A Lincoln, Ill., woman turned back a determined intruder last month with her legally owned handgun. The suspect damaged a vehicle in front of the property in question before trying to force the door. Even after the homeowner shouted to the perpetrator that she was armed, the man continued his attempts to barge in. In response, the woman fired her pistol, though it does not appear the suspect was injured by the shot. The would-be burglar is still at large.  (Fox Illinois, Lincoln, IL, 9/6/18)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
October 1962
While spending the night in the tavern where he is employed near North Wilkesboro, N.C., Bristol McDaniel was awakened by the sound of a door being forced. He hid, waited until 2 men got inside, and turned on the lights. At the point of a .38 McDaniel ordered them to be seated while he called the police. (Winston-Salem Journal)

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