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The Armed Citizen® February 24, 2017

The Armed Citizen® February 24, 2017

Trouble sometimes comes knocking at the door, and when it happened recently in Miami, the troublemaker ended up paying for it. Early one morning, a stranger parked in front of the home and started banging heavily on the front door. The homeowner grabbed his gun, yelled that he was armed, then shot when the would-be intruder tried to gain entry. The suspect was taken to the hospital and was listed in critical condition. (Miami Herald, Miami, FL, 11/30/16)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
In a job that requires making deliveries to strangers’ homes, it helps to be prepared for the worst. And that’s exactly what one Domino's pizza deliveryman found out when he arrived at a home, which turned out to be vacant. Two armed thugs, who were awaiting his arrival, robbed and kidnapped him, forcing him to drive them in his car. When they attempted to make him exit the vehicle, he defended himself with a firearm that he stowed in his car. One of the robbers was fatally shot and died at the scene, while the other fled on foot and was apprehended later by police and charged with armed robbery, second degree kidnapping, criminal conspiracy and second degree murder. The pizza deliveryman is not facing charges. (The News Star, Monroe, LA, 1/20/17)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
February 1966
Mrs. David Arceneaux was working in the yard of her Lafayette, La., farm when three men, one armed with a shotgun, appeared. Mrs. Arceneaux screamed and one of the men grabbed her and held her down. The other two men went into the house. Mr. Arceneaux, who had been sleeping, was awakened by the screams of his wife. Picking up his pistol, he turned just as the man with the shotgun entered the room. Arceneaux shot him dead. The other two intruders fled. One of the men was picked up by police a short distance from the house. (The Denver Post, Lafayette, LA)

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