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Tonight on American Rifleman TV: Les Baer Custom; S&W M&P45 Shield

Rumors of the demise of the M1911 platform never materialized—in fact John Moses Browning's 100-plus-year-old design has never been more popular, in part thanks to guys like Les Baer, considered one of the finest producers of 1911s in the United States. Tune into ARTV tonight to learn how the dedicated workers at Les Baer Custom make their incomparable pistols.

In 2016 Smith & Wesson expanded its M&P Shield pistol lineup by adding a .45-cal. model, and we shoot it in tonight's "Rifleman Review." 

For "I Have This Old Gun," we look at another compact pistol that was one of the pioneers in the concealed-carry game, the Star Firestar Pistol. 

Watch past segments of American Rifleman TV at americanrifleman.org/artv, and tune into Outdoor Channel Wednesday nights for all new episodes.

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