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The Armed Citizen® November 27, 2017

The Armed Citizen® November 27, 2017

When an assailant tried to take advantage of a 15-year-old Ohio girl with a brain tumor, the girl’s mother was having none of that. The stranger gained entry to the home, where two teens and the woman live. After hearing her 17-year-old daughter scream, the mother immediately grabbed her gun and went to help because the home had been broken into a few days earlier. She went to the part of the house where her daughters were and saw the intruder moving in on her sick teen, whose brain tumor has diminished the girl’s peripheral vision and slowed her reaction to dangerous situations. Though the mom didn’t shoot the attacker, she took aim and warned him that he chose the wrong mother to intimidate, scaring him off. Police arrested the suspect shortly thereafter. (cleveland.com, Cleveland, OH, 9/5/17) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
When police found a man in a ravine dressed only in socks and underwear and yelling for help, they knew something was up. Earlier, the man was at a gas station asking strangers for a ride home. A man agreed to give him a lift, but when he pulled over to drop him off, the passenger displayed a gun and said, “Sorry, man. I have to do this,” before he ordered the driver to get out. Fortunately, the driver was able to grab his own firearm out of his trunk. The two exchanged gunfire, whereupon the robber was hit and ran off, ending up in a ravine and using his clothes as a tourniquet. The criminal was charged with first-degree assault, attempted first-degree robbery and unlawful gun possession. (The News Tribune, Graham, WA, 9/14/17) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
November 1960
NRA instructor Herbert J. Crook, resident caretaker of a Hazel Park, Mich., out-patient clinic, awoke to spy an intruder in the hall. When the burglar jumped at him, Crook fired one shot from his cal. .38 revolver and killed him. Police revealed the felon to be a parole violator with a 20-year criminal career, which started when he was only 5. (Detroit Free Press, Hazel Park, MI)

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