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Video: Winchester AA TrAAcker Shotshell Review

Shooting at a moving target with a shotgun has never been considered an easy feat. Whether you're eying up some passing waterfowl or getting ready to break some clays, you're going to have days where you miss. But where did you miss? High, low, behind? In 2013, Winchester gave shooters a chance to find the answer with its AA TrAAcker, a non-pyrotechnic shotshell that's loaded with a plastic colored wad that tracks in the shot cloud, making it visible. Whether you're helping train a shooter, or you are the shooter, AA TrAAcker helps track leads on clay targets or crossing birds.

The AA TrAAcker is available in both 12 and 20 gauge in 2 3/4" length, and multiple color wads for varying light conditions. The black colored wad is optimum for clear skies, and the blaze orange colored wad is ideal for overcast, dark backdrop conditions. The innovative wad design includes longer, notched petals, and captures 1/8 oz. of shot—which stabilizes wad spin and ensures that the wad remains in the center of the shot cloud for optimum tracking.

Watch this "Rifleman Review" segment from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV to see the shotshell demonstrated on the range.

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