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Six Savage Arms Rifle Models Now in .338 Fed.

Six Savage Arms Rifle Models Now in .338 Fed.

Savage Arms' most popular big-game rifle platforms are now offered in .338 Fed. The new firearms chambered in this caliber include: 11 Long Range Hunter, MSRP: $1,104; 11 Hog Hunter, MSRP $560; 16 FCSS, MSRP $885; 16 Bear Hunter, MSRP $1,035; 11 Trophy Hunter XP, MSRP $612; 16 Trophy Hunter XP, MSRP $740.

Built on the .308 case and necked-up to hold a .338 diameter bullet, this load offers hunters a faster muzzle velocity than the 308 Win. but with a heavier bullet. As a result, the short-action cartridge provides magnum energy without magnum recoil. Since its 2006 launch, the .338 Fed. caliber has become know for its versatility and high-performance on big game. 

Savage Arms is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. To learn more about Savage Arms, visit savagearms.com.

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