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Making the Long Shot

Successful long-range shooting requires you to know your rifle intimately.

SIG Sauer's SIG516: Expect the Unexpected

SIG Sauer combined European engineering with the exceedingly popular AR platform.

Shooting 70 Years of Model 70s

How well do the various generations of Winchester Model 70s shoot?

The Redcoats’ Brown Bess

Brown Bess muskets served both sides during the American Revolution.

America's Rifle In Europe

The AR is a hot seller at the Milipol show.

Kel-Tec RFB Carbine

A bullpup for both right- and left-handed shooters.

Kahr Thompson 1927A-1 Carbine

This semi-automatic, .45 ACP-cal. “Tommygun” has great historical interest as Auto-Ordnance manufactured a broadly similar...

Sighting In

Sighting in a rifle is easy-usually.

ArmaLite M-15 A2 Carbine

Exploded view and break-down instructions for AR-platform rifles.

A Clean Barrel

A clean barrel just shoots better, or does it?

Model 1898 Mauser

The benchmark used to measure bolt-action rifles.

Dutch Arms in the American Revolution

The Dutch played a crucial role in the conflict for America’s freedom.
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