Video—ARTV: Winchester 150, Part 1

To know Winchester may be to know Smith & Wesson, as NRA Museums Senior Curator Phil Schreier remarks in the opening of this video, but to know Winchester is also to know a key part of American history, and the history of the frontier. From the original designs behind the scenes with Smith & Wesson, to the industry-changing firearms that actually came to production, this video explores the deep-rooted history of Winchester, and their gradual metamorphosis of the lever gun design from the original Model 1866, to the classic Model 1886 in 45-70, to the wildly popular Model 1894. If you’re a fan of American history, the history of the firearm industry, or even someone more technically minded, interested in how a design evolves over time, make sure not to miss this segment from American Rifleman TV.


Gotw 940Prosnow
Gotw 940Prosnow

NRA Gun of the Week: Mossberg 940 Pro Snow Goose

On this week’s “Gun of the Week” video preview, American Rifleman examines a dedicated goose gun from Mossberg with increased capacity and custom finishes.

New For 2022: Savage Arms Model 64 Precision Rifle

New for 2022, Savage Arms introduces a new addition to its Model 64 semi-automatic rimfire rifle lineup with its introduction of the Model 64 Precision rifle.

The Armed Citizen® Jan. 28, 2022

Read today's "The Armed Citizen" entry for real stories of law-abiding citizens, past and present, who used their firearms to save lives.

Editor's Choice: Springfield Armory LevAR

While many recent new-gun launches have stolen the spotlight, Springfield Armory has also quietly launched a new accessory in the LevAR that’s a welcome upgrade for AR-15 owners.

Rifleman Q&A: A Backup Pistol For The SS?

My father was a private first class in the 17th Airborne Division and made the parachute jump into Germany where he acquired an unusual semi- automatic pistol from a surrendering German SS officer. The gun is marked “DUO” on its stocks.

Federal Ammunition Celebrates 100 Years in 2022

Federal Ammunition is celebrating 100 years in operation this year, having been incorporated on April 27, 1922.


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