SHOT Show 2019: CVA Paramount Long-Range Muzzleloader

posted on January 29, 2019

When it comes to muzzleloaders, many envision mountain man rendezvouses and civil war re-enactment events. But what about harvesting big game out to 300 yards? While the endeavors to preserve historical black powder guns are alive and well, modern in-line hunting muzzleloaders continue to benefit from advances in materials, designs and powder formulation just like cartridge-firing rifles. To maximize the power and accuracy potential of this platform, CVA has launched the new Paramount Long Range muzzleloader.

Unlike any other .45 caliber muzzleloader in CVA's line-up, the Paramount has been designed to handle “super-magnum” propellant charges. This allows the gun to launch 280-gr. bullets at up to 2,200 f.p.s. for 3010-ft.-lbs. of energy at the muzzle. A free float, custom quality Bergara barrel paired with PowerBelt’s new ELR bullets provides for tight groups at distances previously unobtainable with a muzzle loading long guns.

A standard feature of this model is CVA's VariFlame Breech Plug designed for hotter and more consistent Large Rifle primers instead of 209 shot shell primers. This rifle's synthetic stock is outfitted with an internal aluminum chassis and both an adjustable length-of-pull and comb height. The Paramount will ship with an accessory pack that includes  a set of PowerBeltTM ELR bullets, VariFlame primer casings, a loading tool for VariFlame casings, collapsible loading rod, cleaning/range rod, and a Quake CLAW shoulder sling for a suggested package retail price of $1062.95.


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