Proud To Be A Firearms Owner

posted on August 26, 2013

We’ve all been there. It’s a neighborhood barbecue and the anti-gun person down the street has you squarely in his sights. Your spouse has issued rules of engagement that require you play nice, so your only hope is to maneuver before he gets missile lock.

But he makes the first move. It’s that subtle gesture from across the patio that signals stay put, I’m heading over so we can talk. Before you know it he’s in your face shaking a fruity-blue mixed drink.

“Buy any new guns lately, Bob?” he asks, stirring the waters and hoping to raise a tsunami response. Somewhere there’s an oceanside village missing an idiot.

Your silence has him confused and you can see it. He’s lost in thought, unfamiliar territory.

“Still carrying that gun all the time, like you’re going to be able to do something?” Some people are comfortably unprepared in a world where pizza deliveries can be faster to respond than overworked authorities. Think about the Jimmy John’s radio commercial crafted around that fact and I guarantee you’ll smile at the challenge.

For situations like this, or more inert encounters, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has created a Proud to Be a Firearms Owner pocket card. Designed to be handed to anti-gun people diagonally parked in a parallel universe, with facts most left-wing liberals ignore. For example, the firearm industry has provided more than 100 million gun locks, fatal firearm accidents are at an all-time low and excise taxes on guns and ammunition contribute more than $1 billion annually for wildlife conservation and firearm education.

Here’s a link. Print some out. But, for crying out loud don’t proclaim here’s your sign every time you give one away.


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