Product Preview: Dead Foot Arms Modified Cycle System

posted on April 14, 2017

The AR-rifle platform is, by virtue of its tubular receiver extension and buffer assembly, not generally compatible with folding stocks—much to the chagrin of those who prefer a compact AR for storage or transport. The Dead Foot Arms Modified Cycle System circumvents that shortcoming with a folding block assembly that allows for a right-side-folding buttstock. Retrofitting the kit, which includes a re-engineered bolt carrier group, buffer spring, recoil spring, plunger, buffer tube with guide rod and end cap, allows a typical 16"-barreled AR to fold to 26.5", and, when extended, does not inhibit the operation of full-automatic or suppressed firearms. The MCS accepts standard carbine or rifle buttstocks along with the company’s five-position, minimalist, all-metal T-Rex stock. Price: $399 (kit), $155 (T-Rex stock). Contact: Dead Foot Arms, LLC; (608) 764-3176;


Rock Island Armory TM22
Rock Island Armory TM22

Review: Rock Island Armory TM22

In 2021, Rock Island Armory shook things up in the defensive-pistol world when it launched the aluminum-based STK100, and in 2022 the company continues its commitment to “Total Metal” firearm construction with the TM22 rimfire rifle.

The Armed Citizen® March 27, 2023

Read today's "The Armed Citizen" entry for real stories of law-abiding citizens, past and present, who used their firearms to save lives.

New For 2023: Marlin Model 336 Classic

The first Marlin 336 introduced under Ruger's ownership will be the "Classic," and the model remains true to the original design, albeit with a few subtle updates.

In The Fold With ArmaLite

The Tech Files, dating back to the early 20th century, are a treasure trove for editorial researchers looking for unique firearm facts. File folders from the industry’s best-known manufacturers to the smallest of firms contain company literature, photographs, blueprints, drawings, schematics and more.

Product Preview: Peet SafeKeeping Dryer

Peet is primarily known for its line of shoe dryers and odor-eliminating products, but the company also offers a dehumidifier model intended for use inside gun cabinets and safes, to help fend off the formation of rust and the damage to your firearms that it can cause.

The .380 ACP: History & Performance

Despite disagreements surrounding the .380 ACP cartridge's performance, its history shows it to be a popular, effective round, because people have always enjoyed small, easy-to-carry pistols that can be quickly deployed.


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