Product Preview: Blade-Tech Total Eclipse Holster

posted on January 11, 2017

A reasonably priced polymer holster allowing multiple carry configurations and methods, the Total Eclipse from Blade-Tech delivers nearly unmatched versatility. The design is available for a host of popular pistols (M1911 shown) from a variety of major makers. Its molded halves are mated by a hollow rivet and a simple retention adjustment screw that bears on a rubber bushing. An included assortment of polymer wings, clips and belt loops allows assembly by way of a Phillips screwdriver so that the rig can be used for right- or left-hand draw in either vertical or FBI cant orientations, and in either inside-the-waistband or outside-the-waistband modes. All of the components have molded-in holes and are marked in such a way that they can be assembled quickly and properly with the included blackened steel screws and nuts after consulting the instructions. Matching single and double magazine pouches are also available at additional cost. Price: $60. Contact: Blade-Tech Industries; (877) 331-5793;



Goex Blackpowder Plant Closes F
Goex Blackpowder Plant Closes F

Hodgdon Closes GOEX Blackpowder Plant

Effective immediately, Hodgdon announced the closure of the GOEX blackpowder manufacturing facility in Camp Minden, La.

Preview: Apex Tactical XDs Mod.2 Action Enhancement Trigger

Apex Tactical’s Action Enhancement Trigger lightens the pull weight on Springfield Armory’s XDs Mod.2 to between 5 lbs. and 5 lbs, 8 ozs. while delivering an improved action with a smooth takeup, better reset and crisp sear break.

Review: Ruger’s Southpaw 10/22 Competition

Introduced in 1964, Ruger’s 10/22 has sold in the millions to become the most popular semi-automatic rimfire rifle of all time. Like most guns of its kind, though, it has always been a right-hander-only proposition—until now.

The Armed Citizen® Sept. 27, 2021

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The Rifleman Report: Your American Rifleman

American Rifleman is “The World’s Oldest And Largest Firearm Authority” for reasons that extend far beyond the printed page.

Preview: Scalarworks Peak Iron Sights

Scalarworks and Special Operations veteran Larry Vickers join to create the ultimate set of front and rear fixed iron sights for a fighting carbine.


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