Preview: Meprolight Mepro MOR PRO

posted on June 8, 2021

Meprolight now offers its Mepro MOR PRO, Multi-Purpose Reflex Sight with two laser pointers that includes infrared technology. Used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Mepro MOR PRO exceeds mil-spec requirements. Should the onboard battery system go dormant, three additional illumination methods serve backup duty to the functionality of the electro-optic.

A 30 mm lens is used here that provides shooters with a brilliant 160-degree field-of-view. Four reticle options are available from Meprolight: Bullseye, Dot, Open X and Triangle. Prospective purchasers will also have choices between a 2.2 m.o.a. and 4.3 m.o.a. Dot reticles. The MOR PRO is set for 1x magnification.

Upping the ante with the MOR PRO, Meprolight has included a series of lasers, both visible and infrared, that work in unison with sight adjustments. Simply zero the reticle and the lasers will subtend accordingly. Reticle intensity is adjustable. Should the two AA batteries fail, the Mepro MOR PRO has a passive, self-illuminating backup system via Tritium and fiber-optic technology. A supplied cable with hook-and-loop straps give operators additional control over the sighting system.

The bare unit without accessories weights 15.5 ounces. A Picatinny rail adapter is supplied and the Mepro MOR PRO is sealed for all-weather use. To learn more about the MOR PRO Multi-Purpose Reflex Sight, please visit


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