Preview: Bushnell Outdoorsman Bluetooth Speaker

posted on October 18, 2021
Bushnell Outdoorsman Bluetooth Speaker

Having tunes playing while working outdoors can keep the momentum going, and Bushnell’s Outdoorsman Bluetooth speaker has the durability and longevity to keep up without adding too much bulk.

Measuring 7.625” tall and about as round as an aluminum drink can, the Bushnell Outdoorsman speaker only ways about 26 ounces and is packed full of useful features. The onboard battery provides up to 10 hours of play time that also has the flexibility of providing outbound electricity, from a single USB port, for those device on hand that may need a boost along the way. Unit charge time is roughly three hours and Bushnell supplies a single micro-USB cable.

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The Outdoorsman Bluetooth speaker shrugs off liquids with ease, thanks to its rainproof engineering with IPX6 rating. An included rubber EXO Armor sleeve—black and camouflage ship with the speaker—not only changes the unit’s appearance, enhanced protection is easily applied in mere seconds for rugged, drop-safe use in hazardous environments most speakers are unable to function repeatedly in. Though the device comes with a protection rating against rain, this does not mean that the unit is submersible.

One of the most useful features of the Bushnell Outdoorsman Bluetooth speaker is the magnet supplied on its rear face that adheres to any metal surface. The included Bite Strap, D-ring loop and tripod mount gives the unit additional versatility so that you can enjoy the things you love nearly everywhere you go.

Nuts and bolts data is great, but what is a speaker system without audio quality? Bushnell’s Outdoorsman series bluetooth speaker includes built-in modes for a customizable experience. Enhanced audio equalization for indoor and outdoor use is selectable for further customization. Add in the device’s unique True Wireless Stereo mode and you get speaker-to-speaker pairing function that can liven up any party, living room or fire circle.

Whether for movie night at camp, riding atvs to rang or calling predators on the farm, the possibilities continue with Bushnell and its Outdoorsman Bluetooth speaker. MSRP for the Bushnell speaker is $120. Please visit to learn more. 


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