Preview: 41st Annual Blue Book of Gun Values

posted on March 3, 2020
For collectors and sellers of firearms, there is no better resource than the Blue Book of Gun Values, now in its 41st edition and available for pre-order for shipments starting in April 2020. This edition, in particular, is one worth noting, as it's the first published without Blue Book Publications Publisher Steve S.P. Fjestad at the helm. Fjestad passed away in July 2019 after a short battle with cancer. This 41st edition is dedicated to his memory and shows Fjestad on the cover, holding the company's one millionth Blue Book published.

In the 41st Edition Blue Book of Gun Values, readers will find up-to-date model developments and values, along with a tribute to Fjestad's life and his dedication to the gun-collecting hobby that spanned nearly 40 years. Each book contains more than 2,500 pages of accurate information regarding the identification and valuing of more than 23,000 different guns. The book includes new models for 2020 and offers information on many popular antique firearms found on the market.

Altogether, a single edition of the book offers more than 500,000 valuations in line with current market expectations. To make condition-grading even easier for inexperienced readers of the Blue Book, this 41st edition features an 80-page Photo Percentage Grading System, which describes the characteristics of firearms found at each condition grade. The latest edition also provides multiple expanded serialization charts, which make it easier for readers to determine the year that their gun was made.

Other beneficial features found in the 41st Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values includes a walkthrough of the anatomy of rifles, handguns and shotguns to familiarize readers with different types of firearms. There are also highlights of the NRA National Firearms Museum and the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum located in Springfield, Mo. The suggested retail price on the 41st edition is $49.95, which includes free shipping. Also available are a number of other Blue Books that focus on other niches within the firearm world, ranging from Antique American Firearms and Values to AR-15s & Variations.

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