On The Range: Taurus G3X

posted on January 18, 2022

Taurus USA's G3 lineup of handguns includes full-size models for range, competition and home-defense use and compact, CCW-ready models that are easy to carry all day long. Now, for 2022, the company is blending the best features from its full-size and compact models into the hybrid G3X chambered in 9 mm Luger. This new offering blends the full-size grip frame of the company's original G3 with a compact slide and barrel, making it easier to carry for personal defense.

The Taurus G3X's full-size grip accommodates a 15-round magazine, so you'll have more rounds on board, and the full-size grip makes the gun easier to shoot, so you'll be more confident and capable with the shots you take. Despite being shorter than a full-length slide and barrel, the G3X's 3.2" barrel still provides plenty of length for good performance from today's modern self-defense loads. There's also enough length on the front portion of the pistol to provide room for a Picatinny accessory rail for lights and lasers.

Like other models in the G3 family, the Taurus G3X is equipped with a striker-fired ignition system with re-strike capability. However, this model will not be available with a thumb safety and is equipped with only a flat-faced blade safety sitting inside the trigger. Another attractive feature of the G3X is its aggressive texturing on the full-size frame, which promotes greater control over the gun during firing. There's a single-side thumb safety and slide-stop lever, too.

Unloaded, the Taurus G3X weighs in at 22.6 ozs., and the gun measures 6.3" long, 5.2" high and 1.2" wide. Two 15-round magazine are included with the pistol, and the suggested retail price is $342.98. For more information, visit taurususa.com.


Theodoore Roosevelt Rough Riders San Juan Hill American Flag
Theodoore Roosevelt Rough Riders San Juan Hill American Flag

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