NRA Gun of the Week: Rossi USA Gallery 22

Popularized by shooting parlors more than a century ago, the “gallery gun” became a a trusty plinker for many of Americans. Rossi USA has made a name for itself creating modern renditions of classic American firearms, and its Gallery 22 is no exception. Chambered for .22 Long Rifle, the Gallery 22 is a modern throwback to yesteryear made to emulate the classic Winchester Model 62 pump-action rifle.

right side pump-action rifle wood metal black text on image noting "rossi usa gallery 22"

The Rossi USA Gallery 22 comes to market as a handy carbine that measures 36” front to back while providing a mid-length barrel measuring 18”. The Gallery 22 is fairly lightweight, too, at 5 lbs., 4 ozs. empty, prospective users both novice and expert will find a lot of fun in the manually operated carbine. The barrel, magazine tube and receiver are made of steel and Rossi gives the metal a polished black finish.

gun rifle black receiver metal brown wood

Just like older gallery pump-action rifles, the Gallery 22 is fed from a barrel-mounted magazine tube with a capacity of 15 rounds. The tubular magazine is loaded through a port on the bottom face of the tube, once the spring cap is pulled forward. On top of the barrel is a Buckhorn-style rear sight with an elevation adjustment ramp at its base. The front sight is drift adjustable for windage.

left side rifle barrel metal black steel brass brown wood

Rossi offers two models of its Gallery 22 with either German beechwood or black polymer furniture. The wood variant, as shown here, features a corn-cob style fore-end and sports a traditionally styled straight stock. Sling studs come standard.

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video to see staff editors on the range with the Rossi USA Gallery 22.

Rossi USA Gallery 22 Specifications
Manufacturer: Rossi USA
Action Type: pump-action rimfire rifle
Chambering: .22 Long Rifle
Barrel: 18" steel
Stock: German beechwood
Sights: buckhorn-style adjustable rear, drift-adjustable post front
Magazine: 15-round, tubular
Length: 36"
Weight: 5 lbs., 4 ozs.
MSRP: $394.33


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