NRA Gun of the Week: Fabarm USA Autumn

posted on September 17, 2021

Available through Fabarm USA, the Autumn comes to U.S. shores as a feature-rich and ornate side-by-side shotgun with a lively feel and superb balance. The American hunter and clay shooter now have access to an Italian-made side-by-side from Fabarm.

right side shotgun walnut wood metal gun text on image noting "Fabarm USA Autumn"

The gun’s deluxe-grade Turkish walnut, fine metal work, Gold inlays and floral scenes make it a thing of beauty, that in addition to looking great, is a superbly robust design chambered for 3” shells, capable of magnum-shell abuse in the field. Machined from a steel forging that creates a monolithic design, which increases the action’s strength for reliability and longevity.

shotgun receiver side-by-side gun barrel metal wood

Fabarm’s Autumn lineup gives options for 28” or 30”-barreled models. For those who enjoy the fast-handing, and between the hands balance of British-style stocks, can have their Autumn built as such with an British-style straight wrist and Splinter-style fore-end. American-style hunters and shooters may be more apt for the pistol grip version with a beavertail fore-end profile.

metal engraving gold emblem scrolls flowers gun receiver shotgun

Our Autumn sample shipped from Fabarm USA configured to the British style with 28” barrels. The included barrels feature a lightweight design and Fabarm’s TRIBORE barrel-making technology. The result is a tapered bore that increases performance and helps to reduce the gun’s weight. Our testers noted recoil from the fairly light 20 gauge as comfortable with clay-target loads, and with magnum-charged hunting loads, the gun performed admirably.

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above to learn more about the Fabarm USA Autumn side-by-side shotgun.

Fabarm USA Autumn Specifications
Importer: Fabarm USA
Action Type: break-action, side-by-side shotgun
Chambering: 20 gauge, 3"
Barrels: 28"
Receiver: forged steel; color-case-hardened finish
Stock: oil-finished, Deluxe-grade, Turkish-walnut
Sights: swamped rib, bead front
Trigger: single selective, inertial-operated
Length: 45.5"
Weight: 6 lbs.
MSRP: $4,095


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