NRA Gun of the Week: EAA Girsan MC28 SA-TV

Girsan’s MC28 SA-TV pistol, imported by European American Armory (EAA), comes to U.S. shores as a feature-rich duty-sized pistol chambered for the ubiquitous 9 mm Luger cartridge and is marketed for its affordability, as well as capability.

left side brown handgun pistol gun text on image noting make and model "EAA GIRSAN MC28"

The package weight of the full-size optic-enhanced MC28 SA-TV, including an empty 17-round magazine, comes to 29.8 ozs., which includes the factory-installed Ade Advanced Optics adjustable red-dot sight. EAA offers several color options with its optic-enhanced MC28,which include Blue/Black, Dark Earth and Two-Tone ceramic finishes.

gun pistol handgun in hands shooting target range brown gun

This striker-fired semi-automatic from Girsan supplies customers with a customizable frame that includes user-replaceable inserts to adjust grip style. Making the gun even more versatile and customizable is Girsan’s use of a Picatinny rail along the gun’s dustcover.

left side brown pistol handgun parts controls guns black optic trigger

Enhancements, such as lightening cuts, help reduce weight while providing additional functionality; the forward chevron-shaped cuts in the slide serve as cocking serrations, too, in addition to the semi-vertical rear cuts in the slide. This unit does not come with a manual safety lever, though a blade-in-trigger safety is provided.

man wearing black vest gray shirt earmuffs glasses shooting brown pistol handgun

Watch the NRA gun of the Week video above to see the MC28 SA-TV in use on the range.

EAA Girsan MC28 SA-TV Specifications
Manufacturer: Girsan
Importer: European American Armory
Action Type: semi-automatic, centerfire pistol
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Barrel: 4.25"
Slide: ceramic-finished steel
Frame: modular polymer
Sights: adjustable, three-dot
Optic: Ade Advanced Optics red-dot
Trigger: striker-fired

Length: 7.6"
Weight: 28.8 ozs.
MSRP: $477 (Dark Earth)



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