NRA Gun of the Week: Browning Model 1955 Pistol

posted on August 31, 2019
In 1955, the Browning Arms Company began importing a striker-fired, blowback-operated .380 ACP pistol built by Fabrique Nationale (FN) in Belgium. Designed by John Browning and originally designated as the Model 1910 by FN, the Browning Model 1955 (for U.S. import) pistol features a steel frame and slide with an internally fixed barrel. Diminutive and concealable, the .380 ACP-chambered pistol provides for three safety mechanisms: a grip safety, a frame-mounted lever-actuated safety and a magazine safety. Topside, a rudimentary set of fixed sights aid shot placement. The firearm functions via the renowned builder’s striker-fired mechanism within the pistol’s slide. Additionally, a six-round detachable box magazine feeds the firearm. To learn more, watch this NRA Gun of the Week video hosted by American Rifleman’s Brian Sheetz.

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