NRA Gun Gear of the Week: .22s For Defensive Shooters

posted on September 2, 2018

One of the best tools at a defensive shooter’s disposal may be a rimfire pistol to practice with. The firearms are relatively inexpensive, as is the ammunition, which makes more practice, more affordable. As well, the .22s low recoil allows shooters to isolate and improve fundamental skills such as grip, sight picture and trigger press. There are a wide array of suitable firearms on the market today, from sporting-style .22s to rimfire reproductions of popular center-fire guns. This week we take a closer look at the little .22 Long Rifle cartridge, and talk about why it may be a big deal for defensive shooters. Check out this week's NRA Gun Gear of the Week video, hosted by Joe Kurtenbach.



Staccato Cs Gotw
Staccato Cs Gotw

Gun Of The Week: Staccato CS

Watch this Gun Of The Week video for a close look at a U.S.-made, compact M1911 hybrid from Staccato, the 9mm CS.

The Armed Citizen® June 9, 2023

Read today's "The Armed Citizen" entry for real stories of law-abiding citizens, past and present, who used their firearms to save lives.

Review: SDS Imports Tisas 1911 Bantam

The Turkish company Tisas recently entered the pistol market, reproducing some of the most iconic designs and even introducing a few that are unique enough to call its own. Meet the 1911 Bantam, a compact M1911 pistol brought into the country by SDS Imports that is easy to carry, fun to shoot and distinctly styled.

The Red-Dot Revolution

All types of defensive firearms are now available in optics-ready configurations. Is this just the latest trend or a bit of shooting sports history in the making?

New For 2023: Kimber KDS9c

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Firearm Industry Pays $16 Billion Tax Bill

Firearm and ammunition manufacturers have now paid more than $16.1 billion in federal excise tax contributions to the Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund, which began collecting the funds in 1937.


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