New For 2023: Faxon Firearms FX7

posted on December 20, 2023
Faxon FX7 01
Images courtesy of Faxon Firearms.

Known for its high quality and affordable firearms components, Ohio-based Faxon Firearms’ complete firearms line-up includes its ARAK AR/AK hybrid design, AR-10/15-type rifles and handguns, striker-fired handguns and rimfire rifles and pistols. New for 2023, the company is adding a precision bolt action rifle to its offerings with the FX7.

Faxon Firearms FX7 bolt-action rifle receiver's right side.The FX7 receiver has a M700 short action footprint with M700 trigger and AICS magazine compatibility, but is uniquely Faxon inside. Action shown with a matte DLC finish.

The FX7 uses a receiver with a Remington Model 700 short-action footprint. It is constructed of 416-R stainless steel with an integral recoil lug and 20-m.o.a. Picatinny optics rail. The 4340 carbon steel bolt is a six-lug design (two rows of three lugs each) that requires a 70-degree bolt throw to unlock the action, has an interchangeable bolt handle, uses an M16-style extractor and plunger-type ejector, and has Faxon’s flame pattern fluting. Both receiver and bolt are given an ArmorLube diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish.The FX7 receiver is compatible with M700 trigger units and AICS-pattern magazines. 

Faxon Firearms FX7 Bolt.The FX7’s unique bolt design uses a six-lug bolt head.

Barrels are manufactured in-house out of 416-R stainless steel, have 5R button rifling that is honed and lapped and are given a nitride finish treatment. Muzzles are threaded 5/8x24 TPI and have a target crown.

Left side of the Faxon Firearms FX7 bolt-action rifle.Complete FX7 “Pershing” rifles use an MDT chassis with Skeleton stock. The .308 Win. version is shown.

While Faxon plans to offer FX7 rifles in cartridges that use a 5.56 NATO, .308 Win. or short magnum bolt face, they are currently offering complete firearms in .308 Win. (22” M24-profile barrel) and 6.5 mm Creedmoor (24” M24-profile barrel). Named the "Pershing," these rifles use a TriggerTech trigger and are placed in a MDT/Faxon co-branded 6061 aluminum chassis with a Grey Cerakote finish. The chassis has an ambidextrous magazine release, M-Lok slots in the fore-end and uses MDT’s Skeleton stock that has tool-less adjustable length-of-pull, an adjustable cheekpiece and adjustable recoil pad height and cant. The Faxon Firearms FX7 rifle has a MSRP of $2,600. 

Right side of the Faxon Firearms FX7 barreled action.The FX7 will be available as a standalone action and barreled action, along with both pre-fit and profiled blank barrels. Shown is a matte DLC-finished action with an 8.6 Blackout-chambered 16" medium sporter profile barrel.

For those wanting to build their own rifle, Faxon is offering barreled actions in .308 Win., 6.5 mm Creedmoor, and 8.6 Blackout (MSRP of $1,114 to $1,149 depending on chambering), bolt and receiver actions (MSRP of $899 for a matte finish and $999 for a polished finish) and pre-fit and profiled blank barrels with multiple chambering, length and profile options. For more information, visit


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