New For 2022: Ruger Security-380 Lite Rack

posted on December 13, 2022
Ruger Security 380 Lite Rack F

Ruger took the basic design of its popular Security-9 handgun to create its new Security-380 Lite Rack pistol, a sub-compact handgun in an easy-to-shoot chambering that's ideally suited for range training and concealed carry.

Chambered for the .380 ACP, the Ruger Security-380 Lite Rack is built with a hardcoat-anodized aluminum chassis complete with full-length guide rails. The chassis sits inside a grip frame molded from glass-filled nylon, which features texturing and ergonomics similar to that found on Ruger's Security-9. In fact, in terms of length, width and height, this pistol is exactly the same size as the sub-compact model of the Security-9, measuring in at 6.52", 1.02", and 4.35", respectively. Unloaded, the Security-380 weighs less than the Security-9, coming in at 19.7 ozs.

Sitting atop the grip frame is a blued steel slide complete with serrations at the rear, while the front has additional texturing on the sides for easy manipulation. The slide, unlike that on the Security-9, features relief cuts on its forward portion, as well as lightening cuts. At the top are dovetailed, drift-adjustable steel sights, with an all-black, square-notch rear sight and a green fiber-optic front sight. The slide also features prominent ears at the rear that provide extra grip when racking the slide, and a lightened recoil spring reduces the effort required to manipulate the slide for loading.

Like the Ruger Security-9, the Security-380 features the company's Secure Action trigger system, including an integrated trigger safety, neutrally balanced sear and hammer catch. The pistol is also equipped with an external, single-sided manual thumb safety. Other controls include a single-sided, push-button magazine release and a slide-stop lever located on the left side of the frame. The Ruger Security-380 accommodates a 10-round, flush-fit magazine, as well as an extended, 15-round magazine with a textured baseplate that extends the grip.

Two models of the Ruger Security-380 are available at launch, one standard model with a 15-round magazine capacity, and another state-compliant model that ships with 10-round magazines. The suggested retail price on the Ruger Security-380 Lite Rack is $369. For more information, visit


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