New for 2021: EAA Girsan MC1911S Hunter

posted on May 10, 2021
New for 2021 is European American Armory’s (EAA) Girsan MC1911S Hunter. This imported single-action pistol features an extended-length slide fitted with a 6” barrel that is optimized for big-game hunting. Check out the video above with American Rifleman’s Brian Sheetz to see this latest EAA import in action.

The Girsan MC1911S Hunter brought to U.S. shores by EAA is very much modeled after the U.S. Government Model 1911 with enhancements throughout. The gun is built with a steel frame that features 1911A1 attributes, such as finger scallop behind the trigger as well, and a flat mainspring housing at the rear of the frame. Along the gun's frontstrap are vertical serrations to help with user purchase. Girsan includes a set of black polymer stocks with its MC1911S Hunter, even though the American Rifleman sample arrived with G10 grips.

This latest 1911 example from Girsan has an increased power factor over the standard-choice chambering for 1911 pistols. 10 mm Auto is the cartridge of choice here, and from our experience on the range the pistol is as controllable as it is accurate. Girsan includes a fully adjustable rear sight unit and dovetailed post up front, and due to the lengthened slide of the MC1911S Hunter, the gun’s sight radius is increased to provide an enhanced picture on target.

Additional features that increase functionality of this single-action pistol include a modified grip safety with a serrated memory bump and an extended beavertail. Girsan includes a skeletonized hammer spur and trigger shoe here, too. Slide serrations a wide-cut style and are found to be functional. Girsan also includes a flared ejection port and right-side safety lever. The gun’s finish is rendered matte black, so hunters not looking to spook weary game with reflection off bright metal may rest assured. Overall weight of the Girsan MC1911S Hunter comes to 51.2 ozs.

Watch our video above to see the MC1911S Hunter in use. To learn more, go to the company website HERE.


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