Latest Loads: .338 Lapua Mag.

posted on January 27, 2016

Sometimes you do things just because you can (safely). A case in point: loading the .338 Lapua Mag. with lightweight hunting bullets. Using the recipe below, the all-copper, 160-gr. Barnes TTSX, with its flat base and polymer tip, attains an impressive 3633 f.p.s, or 683 f.p.s faster than the Barnes VOR-TX 7 mm Rem. Mag. 160-gr. load. Yeah, it’s fast. When zeroed at 300 yds., the bullet impacts 2.4" high at 100 yds., and it strikes 7.8" and 21.2" low at 400 yds. and 500 yds., respectively. And, at 500 yds. the projectile still has 1,781 ft.-lbs. of energy remaining. But, just as important is accuracy. As is evident below, in a high-quality rifle, such as the Alexander Arms Ulfberht, the load is remarkably accurate. Sometimes, “just-because” loads turn out to be outstanding. This is one of them.



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