First Look: Burris XTR Pro Riflescope

posted on January 30, 2022
Burris Optics 5 30 56Mm Riflescope Xtr Pro F

Built on the success of the company's XTR III lineup, Burris Optics announced the launch of its next-level optics lineup in the form of its XTR Pro released early in 2022. The XTR Pro is available in a 5.5-30X 56 mm configuration at launch and is built on a sturdy 34 mm main-body tube with plenty of room for adjustments for long-range shots.

The construction and feature-rich nature of the Burris XTR Pro doesn't end there, though. The company started from the ground up with its Pro lineup, incorporating new reticles, accessories, mechanics and improved glass. Each XTR Pro is built with 29 MILs of elevation adjustment for precision shooting, and an improved parallax tuning mechanism makes it easy to zero-in on targets at distance. Also aiding in long-range shooting is the premium ED glass, which is treated with improved anti-reflective coatings and contained within a larger eye box, which gives users a greater field-of-view, depth of focus and light transmission.

Burris' 5.5-30X 56 mm riflescope is available with three different reticle configurations, all of which can be had with red or green illumination. Reticle options consist of the Horus Tremor5, Special Competition Reticle (SCR) 2 and the SCR 1/4 MIL. Additionally, each riflescope is equipped with a Zero Click-Stop elevation turret, and the optics ship with two quick-detach turrets that can be swapped out easily, depending on the shooter's needs. In addition to the standard black dial, there's a Burris QD Race Dial that's designed specifically for use in PRS and NRL competitions. The 0.75" turret height provides the perfect mounting surface for clear tape, making it easy to make notes for different stages.

Additionally, the new optic comes with a locking diopter ring, as well as a Burris Throw Lever for fast magnification changes. The 5.5-30X 56 mm riflescope includes 11 different brightness settings powered by a single CR2032 battery, weighs in at 33.6 ozs. and measures 15.4" long. The suggested retail price on the new riflescope is $2,639. For more information, visit


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