Favorite Firearms: A Walther PPK/S Honeymoon

posted on September 23, 2020

On our honeymoon in 1980, my husband taught me how to shoot. He brought several firearms to learn with, but my favorite was the Walther PPK/S. It fit my hand, I could hit my target shooting either left- or right-handed, and it was lightweight enough for me to hold steady. Little did I know that six years later this firearm would be used to protect myself, my mother and two of my children.

On a bright, sunny Wednesday at about 10 a.m., we were exiting Wilson’s Shoe Store when a man, walking toward us, asked if Mr. Wilson was in the store. We didn’t think anything about it, and answered that we didn’t know; he’d have to go in and ask. He followed my mother around the car commenting on my daughter’s beautiful red hair. As my mother was leaning over to put the nine-month-old baby into her car seat, the man attacked her.

I spun around to assist but realized that wasn’t going to work. I turned around again and took my Walther PPK/S out of the glove box. Standing up out of the car, I ordered the man to stop and ordered his accomplice in the car parked behind my car to leave. They decided to leave and leave quickly—the man who was attacking my mother had to jump through the window of the moving vehicle.

From that day forward, my Walther PPK/S has always been by my side. I hope I never have to defend myself again, but I will if necessary. That is why my Walther PPK/S is my favorite firearm!

Windy Brinkman, Florida


black pistol handgun hook and loop smith and wesson dark background ominous
black pistol handgun hook and loop smith and wesson dark background ominous

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