DeSantis Dual Carry II

posted on January 28, 2013


While strong-side is probably the most popular form of carrying a firearm, conceal-carry advocates often disagree on whether that gun should be carried inside or outside the waistband. Also, police officers carry OWB on a heavy belt when on duty, but many also want to carry in a similar fashion when off duty, which is where the DeSantis Dual Carry II enters the picture.

The Dual Carry II is an improvement of the DeSantis Dual Carry, which was a holster that allowed carry both inside and outside the waistband by implementing a belt loop for OWB carry. The Dual Carry II improves that legacy by featuring a tuckable 360 degree C clip for positioning adjustment.

The Dual Carry II is a made of soft, non-molded leather with a thumb break and an integral belt loop for $32.99. An optional J clip is also available with the holster.


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