A Premium, Non-Lead 20-Ga. 2¾” Turkey Load

posted on April 10, 2014

Owner’s of older, yet still safe, 20-ga. shotguns with a 2¾” chamber are well aware of the few choices in suitable turkey loads, and that number dwindles considerably when a lead-free load is required. Fortunately, Federal Premium's representative in the latter category could be considered “ideal.” Found within the Mag-Shok line, the HEAVYWEIGHT Turkey load features 1 1/8 ozs. of the like-named shot in No. 7 size. Tungsten-based HEAVYWEIGHT shot is 35-percent denser than lead; this results in increased on-target energy, improved energy retention at extended ranges, and deeper penetration. Best of all, the extra-dense shot is delivered via the company’s pattern-enhancing FLITECONTROL Wad, which is propelled to 1100 f.p.s. Even if your 20-ga. shotgun is chambered for 3” shells, I’d recommend utilizing it if you’re introducing a youth or adult novice to turkey hunting, or are simply looking for reduced recoil. For owners of 2¾” 20-ga. shotguns, though, it’s likely the best of the bunch. MidwayUSA currently lists five-count boxes as selling for $16.59.


Walther Pdp F Series Gotw Lede 1920X1080
Walther Pdp F Series Gotw Lede 1920X1080

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