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The Armed Citizen® April 9, 2021

The Armed Citizen® April 9, 2021

Armed Citizen® Today

A man in Massapequa, N.Y., defended himself and a bystander from a knife-wielding robber in the early morning hours of March 6, 2021.

The armed citizen noticed another man being stopped by a robber who demanded the man's cash and keys around 5:25 a.m. that Saturday morning. The man walked over and attempted to assist the victim, but the would-be robber turned his attention to him and pulled out a knife. The robber then walked toward the man, knife in hand.

Fearing for his own safety, the man produced his handgun and shot the armed robber in the leg. The wounded robber then fled the scene. Police found him a short time later, after which he was taken to a hospital for treatment and then placed under arrest. The robber is charged with two counts of first-degree attempted robbery, two counts of second-degree menacing and fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon. (patch.com, New York, N.Y.., 03/08/2021)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives October 1991

Describing her attacker as a man who had once been "one of the family," Juliette Blackmon, 81, of Kansas City, Mo., was forced to take action when he tried to rob them. After asking to use the bathroom, the man instead grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened her and her husband, Elliot.

Elliot picked up pistol from the bedroom, however, and passed it to his wife. Firing twice, she killed the man. "I had to do it," she said. "I'm a Christian woman, but we have to have protection." (The Star, Kansas City, Kans.)


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