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New for 2021: Taylor's & Company ACE

New for 2021: Taylor's & Company ACE

Based on the iconic Remington Model 1858 revolver, the ACE from Taylor's & Company gives you the classic look and feel of this Civil War-era sidearm while offering a sleek, compact design like carry-ready guns found in the Wild West. The Taylor's & Company ACE, a black-powder revolver design, is also compatible with the company's smokeless conversion cylinders.

“The ACE’s ammo flexibility has transitioned into a huge demand for it already this year,” said Rob Girard, VP of sales & marketing, Taylor’s & Company. “Besides the standard .44-cal. black powder format, it accepts a six-shot .45 [Colt] conversion cylinder. This is huge these days when certain calibers of ammo are impossible to find.”

Part of the company's Master Pistol lineup, the Taylor's & Company ACE is built on a steel Model 1858 frame that's paired with a brass trigger guard. Due to the gun's short, 3" barrel, the design does not include a loading lever and, instead, comes with a latch built into the front part of the frame to retain the cylinder. This is similar to the design found on period guns like the Colt Storekeeper's model and, more recently, the Heritage Mfg. Barkeep.

Unlike other black-powder revolvers of the period, the Remington Model 1858 was popular due to how easily its six-shot cylinder could be removed. The Colt 1860 Army, for example, required partial disassembly to accomplish the same goal. This ACE pistol features the same seamless cylinder removal as its full-size sibling, and it comes with an octagonal barrel topped by a fixed front sight. Unloaded, the total weight is 38 ozs.

Three models are available in the Taylor's & Company ACE lineup, all with different grip options. You can choose from smooth walnut or checkered walnut grips. Alternatively, the third model is outfitted with white PVC grips that mimic the look of ivory-handled revolvers of yesteryear. All the models are chambered in .44-cal., and the suggested retail price is $350. For more information, visit taylorsfirearms.com.

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