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The Armed Citizen® March 26, 2021

The Armed Citizen® March 26, 2021

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A resident of a Union County, N.C., home acted quickly when two armed burglars forced their way in during the early morning hours of March. 21, 2021.

The two burglars, one armed with a handgun, targeted and broken their way into the home around 12:45 a.m. that Sunday morning. Once the two made it inside, the resident became aware of the situation and ran to a bedroom, arming himself with a rifle. When the burglars moved down the hallway toward the bedroom, the resident fired several rounds at them, forcing them both to flee with haste.

Both of the burglars were later apprehended by police. One of them was struck by the resident's rifle fire in the thigh and taken to a hospital. The uninjured burglar was charged with first-degree burglary, which his injured partner will also likely be charged with. No charges were filed against the resident, and the investigation is ongoing. (
wbtv.com, Charlotte, N.C., 03/21/2021)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives February 1981

Norma and Eduardo Ortega returned to their Miami, Fla., home to find two burglars ransacking their belongings. One burglar fled the house when Mrs. Ortega found her pistol and fired, but the other hid in the bathroom. He was spread-eagle on the living room floor when police arrived. The second suspect, a juvenile, was arrested later. (The Miami Herald, Miami, Fla.)

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