Preview: Barnaul Subsonic 9mm

posted on February 8, 2021
MKS Supply, importer of Russian-made Barnaul ammunition, announced an addition to the company's lineup of steel-case ammunition. This Barnaul Subsonic 9mm ammunition is designed to meet the needs of shooters with suppressor-equipped handguns or pistol-caliber carbines, as well as those who are participating in Minor Power Factor divisions in competition.

Despite being ideally suited for suppressor-equipped firearms, the construction of this all-new Barnaul Subsonic load was tuned specifically to meet the needs of today's competition circuit. The company started with its original Silver Sport lineup, which had been intended for Minor Power Factor use in IPSC competition. The original load incorporated a 148-gr. bullet, but the new lineup will feature a heavier 151-gr. FMJ projectile with a muzzle velocity of 850 f.p.s. from a 4.7" barrel. This combination offers a power factor of 128.35, which sits just above the 125 PF minimum required by most governing organizations offering minor power classes.

Each Barnaul Subsonic 9mm load features a bi-metal jacketed bullet that sits inside of a steel cartridge case. To promote reliability and reduce friction, the rounds are treated with a zinc coating that offers more lubricity. This new ammo offering is projected to be available from retailers starting at the end of March 2020. For more information, visit


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