New for 2020: Springfield Armory Ronin Operator 4.25"

posted on July 14, 2020
When Springfield Armory rolled out its Ronin Operator 1911, chambered in .45 ACP and 9 mm, they proved to be a lot of gun for the money. Now, the company is expanding the new collection with a Commander-size variant in the form of the Ronin Operator 4.25".

"Since its release earlier this year, the full-size Ronin Operator has been extremely popular, due to its combination of impressive features and pricing," said Steve Kramer, vice president of marketing for Springfield Armory. "The new Ronin Operator 4.25" adds a lighter, more compact option for those who love carrying the legendary 1911."

Like its full-size sibling, the Springfield Armory Ronin Operator 4.25" features an attractive two-tone finish. The pistol is built with a slide made from forged carbon steel, fitted to a forged barrel. The slide and barrel are mated with a lightweight frame made from aluminum alloy. Each 4.25" Ronin Operator is outfitted with a traditional barrel-bushing operating system. To ensure durability and maintain reliability, the barrel is fully supported and ramped.

To achieve the classic two-tone finish, the Ronin Operator 4.25" features a hot-salt blued finish on the slide, while the frame features a satin Cerakote treatment. Thanks to the alloy frame, this 4.25" model weighs in at 29.5 ozs. in its .45 ACP configuration and 31 ozs. in 9 mm.

After shooting both the full-size and 4.25" Ronin Operators for this review, field editor Justin Dyal remarked positively on both the features and performance of each variant.

"Having been around a wide range of M1911s personally and professionally, the Ronin is a factory M1911 that in many ways exceeds the quality of the local custom pistolsmiths of my early years," he wrote. "The M1911 market remains vibrant, and pistols like the Ronins will continue to win the iconic American sidearm more fans. I can see the Ronin being the ideal introduction to the M1911 for many shooters and a happy addition for longtime M1911 pistoleros."

Other features found on the Springfield Armory Ronin Operator 4.25" include a traditional beavertail grip safety complete with memory bump, a fiber-optic front sight, tactical-rack rear sight and extended safety lever. The gun includes a set of wood-laminate grips complete with Springfield's Crossed Cannon trademarked insignia, a checkered flat mainspring housing, 2nd Generation Speed Trigger and a basepad-equipped magazine.

The suggested retail price on the Springfield Armory Ronin Operator 4.25", available in .45 ACP and 9 mm, is $849. For more information, visit


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