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The Armed Citizen® July 10, 2020

The Armed Citizen® July 10, 2020

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A man and his dog were camping during the long holiday weekend outside Boulder, Colo., when a bear entered their campsite. The bear first tried attacking the man's dog before turning on the man himself, who shot and killed the animal as it lunged toward him.

"The bear got 10 to 15 yards away as it was running to him," said Jason Clay, public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "You cannot shoot a bear just if it is coming after your dog, but it is not believed that is the case with this incident. It sounds like that bear was running right back towards him. It sounds like this guy did everything right, for the most part."

Clay highlighted the problems created by other campers, who often leave food accessible to bears and other animals that wander campsites. He urged campers and hikers who see a bear to attempt to scare it away.

"If you have a bear that comes into your camping area, you need to haze it away at first connection," he said. "The first time you see a bear, set off your car alarm. If you have an airhorn, blow that. Keep bear spray as you go camping."

The parks department highlighted the fact that no charges will be filed against the man, as he acted in self-defense. (ABC7 Denver, Boulder, Colo., 07/06/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives March 1962

From his living quarters in the rear of his Big Springs, Kans., store, W.C. Long was able to hear the sounds of breaking glass. He armed himself with a 12-ga. shotgun and went to the front of the store, where he found two men.

One shot from the shotgun killed one intruder, who had a long record of convictions, and wounded the other. (AP)

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