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Crimson Trace Lasersaddle: 2020 Accessory of the Year

Crimson Trace Lasersaddle: 2020 Accessory of the Year

“Since … 1994, Crimson Trace has steadily expanded its product lineup in order to offer sighting systems compatible with an ever-broadening swath of guns on the market, our reviewer wrote in an April 2019 review of the Crimson Trace Lasersaddle.

Expanding on the concept of the laser-aiming system that made their products so popular in the self-defense world, Crimson Trace released its LS-250G Lasersaddle in 2019, which is purpose-built to fit Mossberg's family of shotguns, including the Model 500, 590 and the Shockwave.

The Lasersaddle is a lightweight, low-profile polymer unit that wraps around the top and right surfaces of the host’s receiver. A laser emitter located at the vertex of the housing’s two sides produces a 5-milliwatt beam that projects forward along the upper right side of the gun. It subtends to 0.5" at 50 ft.

This setup enhances the utility of a shotgun as a home-defense tool and also improves the capabilities of compact defensive platforms like the Mossberg Shockwave, which isn't designed to be fired from the shoulder and, therefore, can be difficult to shoot accurately, even in close quarters.

“While the aiming point of the Lasersaddle offered quicker target acquisition with both hosts, its utility when paired with the Shockwave was especially apparent. … At present, the Lasersaddle is suitable for use only with Mossberg’s 12-ga. pump-actions, as the receivers of the smaller gauges are scaled differently,” our reviewer lamented in April 2019.

“But here’s hoping that Crimson Trace is already working on new SKUs of the Lasersaddle that are compatible with additional gauges, actions and manufacturers/makes, as we found it to be a durable and relatively inexpensive accessory that adds real functionality to the firearms onto which it is installed.”

As of June 2020, Crimson Trace had expanded its lineup of Lasersaddle options to include units sized for 20-ga. Mossberg shotguns, as well as Remington's popular Model 870 and Tac-14 pump-action models.

While there are many more popular shotguns and shotshell-firing firearms that could benefit from the Lasersaddle, like the Tac-13, it's clear that Crimson Trace is making an effort to make the concept available to as many shotgun owners as possible. That, combined with its clear benefits and intuitive, durable construction, is why we named the Crimson Trace Lasersaddle Accessory Of The Year for 2020.

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