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The Armed Citizen® May 29, 2020

The Armed Citizen® May 29, 2020

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Bay County Sheriff's deputies arrived at a home in Panama City, Fla. early in the morning on Tuesday, May 26, to find a 31-year-old suspected assailant lying dead on the floor, a handgun on the kitchen counter and a man in his 70s who had just defended his wife.

According to investigators, the senior was standing outside when the 31-year-old suspect walked up the driveway and approached him in a threatening manner, acting erratically, swearing and screaming.

The homeowner retreated into his home through his garage to get away from the assailant, but alleged intruder began pounding on the front door and eventually broke through the large glass panel in the door. After entering the home, the intruder knocked the man's wife to the floor, got on top of her and began beating her.

"The husband stated he felt he could not physically stop the intruder, so he went upstairs to get his firearm," the Bay County Sheriff's Office said. "He shot the firearm multiple times, ending the threat."

The 31-year-old assailant was pronounced dead at the scene, and the homeowner's wife was treated for her injuries at a local hospital. Police determined that the assailant had been staying nearby in a short-term rental residence. (FOX News, Panama City, Fla., 05/26/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives January 1968

Mrs. Frances Albrecht was grinding meat in her Pittsburgh, Pa. grocery store when two young bandits marched in and demanded money from her son, who was minding the cash register. When one drew a gun, Mrs. Albrecht pulled a pistol from a cigar box and warned, "You'd better get out or I'll shoot!"

The bandit fired once. Mrs. Albrecht fired back, killing him with a single shot. The second bandit fled, empty-handed. It was later discovered that the dead bandit's gun was a starter pistol, which fired only blanks. No charges were filed. (Danville, Pa. Bee)

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